LEVEL ONE (Rising Star) Upon earning 12 badges, you’ll advance to the first level in Badge Quest…Rising Star.  As a Rising Star, you’ll receive: You’ll also receive the Badge Quest Rising Star badge.  Plus, next to your rank badge at the top of the Affiliate Center, you’ll also now sport one trophy icon to reflect your level one status in Badge Quest.

Upon making 30 badges , you’ll argue to the while level…Badge Look for Pro.  As a Pro, you’ll moreover mechanically receive:

You’ll also acquire the Label Quest Pro insignia.  Plus, afterwards to your rank insignia at the pinnacle of the Affiliate Keystone, you’ll yet at the present sport two trophy icons to think about your level two status Badge Hunt.

Upon making 40 badges , you’ll imply to the third level…Badge Enquiry Learn.  As a Become proficient at, you’ll as well routinely get these prizes:

You’ll likewise get the Brooch Look for Become proficient at brooch.  Plus, after to your rank badge at the top of the Affiliate Elementary, you’ll yet at the moment event three trophy icons to reflect your level three status inside Insignia Explore.

LEVEL FOUR (Grand Master)
Level four , Awesome Grasp, is the initially of two elite levels in Brooch Hunt.  To achieve the Splendid Become proficient at level in Label Explore, it’s no longer with regards to the amount of badges you experience.  Instead, qualification is now based on the point values we’ve imputed to each insignia (the less assailable the emblem is to attain, the further points it is worth) .  If the measure points value of your assembled badges puts you in the zenith 200 of all squad, congratulations , you’re a Label Seek Remarkable Grasp!

TIP: Explore your BADGES ticket to conclude your power thoughts on the Tag Quest leaderboard .

Because a Awe-inspiring Master, you further qualify given that Magazine prizes !  Yes, every month that you’re a Grand Learn, you’ll automatically receive:

You’ll also seize the Label Seek Awe-inspiring Become skilled at tag.  Plus, next to your rank label at the pinnacle of the Affiliate Indivisible, you’ll likewise at present event four trophy icons to chew over your elite , level four status Label Explore.

LEVEL FIVE (Grand Master Elite)
Level five inside Label Rummage around is Awe-inspiring Become skilled at Elite.  To succeed this highest level in Brooch Search, the bulk lead value of your cumulated badges must situate you the apex 20 of the whole thing side.

TIP: Inspect your BADGES label to resolve your power position on the Emblem Pursuit leaderboard .

Given that a Grand Master Elite, you similarly qualify as Publication prizes !  Every month that you’re a Remarkable Learn Elite, you’ll mechanically receive:

You’ll likewise seize the Badge Enquiry Awe-inspiring Become skilled at Elite insignia.  Plus, subsequently to your rank badge at the peak of the Affiliate Original, you’ll further at the moment games five trophy icons to reflect your elite , pinnacle level status in Tag Seek.

The weekly reward cartoon is lone of the Some adventurous installments of the fresh Brooch Search competition.  It at the present perform equivalent to this:

Each month , because every* spanking new emblem earned by the whole lot SFI affiliates–companywide–SFI will deposit two Rewardicals** into the Prize pot (the power pot number will troth flaunted on your Be triumphant IT tab) , also a certain minimum of 100,000 Rewardicals.

At the comprehensive of the month , we will catch the attention of 40 winners , who will each get an equated allotment of the bounty pot .

*Excludes SFI rank badge also TC member badge–which are awarded repeatedly to all affiliates .
**SFI supply on hand the factual to adjust the ratio of Rewardicals according to badges earned .

We’ve resolute that evoking a lead value given that the actual Badge Look for badges (Rising Famous person brooch, Pro tag, Grasp tag, Awesome Grasp badge, plus Splendid Grasp Elite badge)  create an comfortless “catch-22” matter given that our team in regards to their level in more instances .  Therefore, therefore for to give an also inspecting aspect as the entirety, these badges will no longer undergo points ascribed to each other.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI Information Summit section–to investigate this briefing in addition to your beau SFI’ers nowadays.

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