UNSTOPPABLE is a one-month contest featuring hard cold cash for the top prizes (and some cool consolation prizes, too). Develop just two new (first-time) EA2s in February and you’ll automatically win, as a special bonus, one of our exclusive SFI “Awesome Sponsor” squeezies! Get your healthy fix of stress release with this “awesome” stress reliever—just squeeze to release tension!  And when you’re not feeling stressed, it’ll remind you of your exceptional sponsoring prowess! The first step of being named an UNSTOPPABLE AFFILIATE is to enter!  Go now to the WIN IT tab to enter.  Once you’ve entered, all you need to do is start developing new EA2s! TIP:  For ideas on getting your PSAs to EA2 status, see this training article.

By the systems, delicately for entering , you’ll catch our fresh UNSTOPPABLE “In it to prevail it !” brooch as your SFI homepage .  Note: A minimum of single latest EA2 must troth developed within 15 existence of entering to hold this emblem.

Hey, Players Leaders, here’s a huge tip to psychoanalysis you grow your range and obtain your members other active: piggybacking !  That is , we strongly encourage you to surge your own contest concurrently plus our UNSTOPPABLE contest.

Bit we’re pouring OUR business competition, you might engagement moving, at the unchanged phase, YOUR contest plus your own prizes along with popularity.  doing thence, you’ll help us get hold of plenty kinsfolk caught up in our contest…and we’ll assist you catch other of your members lively in addition to yours !  Meanwhile, each person entering gets added circumstances to prevail prizes in addition to quality.  An awe-inspiring win/win/win since everything!

We will job at the complete of each month (after commissions are processed) , a record of the pinnacle 100 finishers .  As a result, we recommend that you blueprint your contest to gift prizes/recognition for approaching primarily, minute, third…and/or the pinnacle ten , pinnacle 20, zenith 50, and/or pinnacle 100.

We’d like to substantially increase the amount of currency in addition to prizes we’re providing away each month !  Help us brand this a certainty by actively promoting the contest to your team.  The several participation, the bigger the prizes may possibly set off!  Thank you !

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