1. From the My Merchants report (the list of all your pre-registered merchants) at the Affiliate Center, click the CONTACT link beside each merchant’s name, located on the right side of the screen. 2. Inside the open modal , prefer your chosen language take pleasure in the dropdown menu .  These include:

The languages programmed higher than think a majority of languages said by SFI Affiliates; but, we may give supplementary languages in the providence. Note that each letter has been competently translated and reflects business-related discussion norms since that tongue.

3. Bond the PRINT INVITATION LETTER link to print out this letter (preferably by the use of a color printer furthermore on a wonderful grade of paper) . At that time symbol it beyond where your remark gives the look.

4. Afterwards, deposit it an envelope also mail it .  Or, you may well personally deliver it (walk into the merchant’s grocery store as well as hand each other the letter) . TIP: given that the whole story on how top to purpose the Invitation Letter and your pre-registered Localvantia Exporter, envisage this piece of writing. 

By offering your local dealers with a connoisseur looking invitation letter their own language, you may Greatly increase the opportunity of achieving one another on board plus actively participating Localvantia plus the Rewardical Loyalty Diary!

Engagement on the watch out inside the coming weeks for numerous translations of Localvantia promoting materials you might function your local broadcast.

Treat IT! 

Log at the SFI Affiliate Monolithic, afterward head over to the FORUM–to the SFI News bulletin Talk section–to touch upon this comment with your dude SFI’ers.