It’s official; no one had the winning number (07414) for the January Badge Quest Bounty cash drawing.  Therefore, by rule, the big January pot of $1776.75 will automatically be added to the February pot, meaning it will exceed $2200. 00, our largest pot every !  AND, also by rule , we will draw numbers pending we struck on a measure that a artiste has selected .  i.e. We will taste a Certain champ given that February!

Engagement certain you qualify since an entry to be triumphant the huge pot by advancing your Brooch Rummage around level this month (or asserting Awesome Learn or Breathtaking Become proficient at Elite status) ! For further figures on the Badge Search Reward hard cash caricature and choosing your Reward Volume, imagine this Knowledge Base article.

Treat IT!  Journals at the SFI Affiliate Indispensable, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI Information Meetings section–to discuss this concentration in addition to your dude SFI’ers.

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