Effective today, to make play more fun and competitive for all, we’ve adjusted the scoring system for price predictions for Eager Zebra’s PTP (Pick The Price) game.  In short, the higher the winning price for the auction, the more points you’ll score on your price prediction—scaling up to a maximum of 500 points. For example, pick the exact winning price on an auction that ends at $2. 00 or less along with you’ll score 300 points . Since each cent you’re off on your forecast (either far more than OR under) , remove 3 points (maximum 300).  Here’s an example:

OR, here’s an case in point since an auction that prepared at $7.00 (an auction plus a triumphing charges of $7.00 or extra makes each cent expenditure the maximum of five points):

We’re likewise rolling out a spanking new badge since a Flawless SCORE in PTP.  A right score imply hitting the worth prediction exactly Also scoring the maximum portion of points for the whole thing the existing Sidekicks.  Look as this brooch to come into sight inside the then 10 existence, awarded retroactively , to the whole lot players who’ve achieved a flawless score derive pleasure in this day and age broadcast.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI News broadcast Talk section–to investigate this hint with your beau SFI’ers now.

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