Hey, everyone!  As you may have read, we had a few hiccups with the new Smart Start program, but I’m pleased to let you know that we think we’ve got everything nailed down now…and we’re already seeing some promising developments. I also know that many of you wanted to see more clearly how Smart Start looks to new affiliates.  So following are some screenshots: This is also where their 25 free Rewardicals are mentioned.

Beyond is the after part of the page .  This is where they want their first CSA (from a register of 10 newly-joined affiliates) .  Note that , if available, multiple affiliates enjoys their country/region are included at the pinnacle of the listing since each other to prefer take pleasure in.

This section still tells one another about how they would “sweeten the pot” in addition to BONUS Rewardicals and CSAs by surging EA…and lets them comprehend that to be had bonuses will initiate decreasing succeeding 48 hours .

the third along with preceding share of the page (shown below) , the “Ultimate Smart Start” is displayed to.

It likewise lets each other fathom that there’s no promise to turn out to be an EA or pay for anything.

Upon clicking the “GET STARTED” button , they’ll troth presented with this brief next video display, which originally is furnished consequently that the new affiliate knows anything to do subsequently.

You’ll commentary that Red we demand the importance of motivating an full of life and legit email correspondence location registered (and if not , how to delicately enter a greenhorn email address) .

That’s it since what on earth new affiliates notice at once upon registering .  Of course, this is easily the initiating of their voyage also us !  Specifically in regards to Smart Initiate, they’ll now envisage a heading atop every page at the Affiliate Keystone with a countdown grandfather clock along with statuses of their available Smart Launch bonuses (you may well catch a glimpse this peeking out derive pleasure behind the cautious video display on the next image) .

Yet, commencing plus their sec daylight hours in SFI (and prepared their 30th day) , they’ll be getting a fleeting piece of email renew around the status of available Smart Start off bonuses plus how much phase they withstand gone to qualify .

There’s in addition something fully latest we’re at the present doing with Smart Launch consequently for the reason that to support satisfy the diary is sustainable .  That is , delight in the above Accomplishing Set out to page (see second screenshot) , they’re demand to decide on Single CSA…with four several to troth earmarked given that them far more than the then five years.

Lone different CSA will come into sight each sunlight hours.  That is , each day when they daybooks in to the Affiliate Focal, a CSA welcome letter wary will pop wide awake without human intervention.  Provided they notes inside each day throughout their foremost five years plus send the welcome letter supplied because one another, they’ll strap everything five CSAs.  However, if they fail to daybooks inside, they’ll forfeit any remaining CSAs (of the five) .

Remark that at any rate of how they deal with the five initial liberated CSAs, the BONUS CSAs (and bonus Rewardical) will still troth presented to each other up until their 30th daylight hours SFI.

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