Effective February 1, 2017, the new term you need to become familiar with is Standing Order Qualified (or SOQ for short). To be SOQ simply means that you have placed one or more orders with a minimum of 1500 VP for the current month AND also in the previous month. Your orders can be those set to reoccur automatically each month (via the Standing Order Manager) or they can just be placed manually at any time throughout the month.  Any amalgamation.

Note: Alternately, you may well succeed SOQ status at once as well as a minimum of 3000 VP in directives the current month .

We are further abundantly expanding payment alternatives.  You may perhaps at this time pay because your directives with:

Q: How will I know as soon as I’m Character Apply Passed?
Next to your rank tag in the header at the Affiliate Original, if you’re SOQ, you’ll at the moment imagine a little “Standing Request Qualified” brooch.  If you envisage this tag, you’re formally SOQ as well as are eligible since the entirety SOQ benefits .  If you don’t envisage it , it entails you’re recently not Standing Make a request Excel.

Q: I don’t undergo, nor might I catch, a credit card .  I moreover cannot draw a PayPal chronicle.  So how may I make qualifying purchases ?
Your paramount choice after that is most likely to accumulate your SFI commissions in addition to pay given that orders out of these funds. TCurrency is in addition an acceptable alternative in certain nations.  By using TCurrency , you may well in point of fact pay for your advice via your local money or however barter !  Learn all about TCurrency with how it move HERE.  Tip: You are not restricted to buying TCurrency fancy merchants in your country; consider liberal to use merchants your address or yet outside your place. No TCurrency dealers inside your destination?  Imagine taking advantage of this opportunity by becoming a TCurrency merchant yourself .  Learn as regards to this HERE.

Q: So how ample quantity VP do I need?
Being SOQ means that you suffer placed one or extra orders and a minimum of 1500 VP for the reason that the voltage month With the the before month…so a minimum of 3000 number VP given that the two months .

Q: May well I exclusively buy TC Recommendation merchandises to develop into SOQ?
No.  You may pay for fancy any ECA or any Spotlight Merchant since in any case.

Q: What do I need to do to engagement SOQ as soon for the reason that probable so I can qualify since the entirety the SOQ benefits ?
Competently fashion a minimum of 1500 VP in purchases this month , earlier than the whole of January…and then another 1500 VP purchases previous the inclusive of February .  Note that these would be any combination of directions to be found routinely or manually , whenever you crave at some stage in the month .

Q: So purchases are nowadays demanded at SFI?
No, naught has shifted enjoys this outlook.  You may well furthermore earn the whole lot your prime VP doing actions that are liberal and/or taste no out-of-pocket cost.  Moreover, you may well similarly earn boundless commissions in spite of of your rank and at any rate of whether you are SOQ or not .  The SOQ diary easily adds some spare perks as those who are practicing move acquiring with helping their supermarket.

Q: When will I get the novel SOQ label?
Provided you’ve capable a minimum of 1500 VP inside purchases January, you may possibly pile up the different insignia because ahead of time since February 1st as well as another minimum 1500 VP procure on February 1st.

Q: Can I pay given that my commands also MRP and/or TCredits ?
Not at this period.

Q: Can I function backdating whilst placing orders to qualify for SOQ status ?
Yes.  The backdating choice on advice is available during the originally 8 existence of each month .  By deciding on this selection in the course of checkout , you can tolerate the VP as well as CV since your order carried out to the previous month .

Touch upon IT!  Journals inside at the SFI Affiliate Intrinsic, subsequently head over to the FORUM–to the SFI Information Meetings section–to touch upon this awareness with your beau SFI’ers.

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